Welcome to Pstereo festival! Pstereo is a two-day annual music festival taking place in Norway’s third largest city, Trondheim. This city is infused with a large and active student population that contributes to making Trondheim known for music, culture and community. Pstereo festival is a token of Trondheim summer – taking place during the third weekend of August every year and bringing together 25.000. Pstereo showcases up and coming bands with a few classic headliners every year. On top of providing great live music, this festival offers a meeting ground for locals and international visitors alike with club events and a free Saturday family concert.

Recyclable memories! Pstereo believes in being a sustainable and conscientious festival and therefore tries to shop local by hiring from local companies, providing local food, recycling, encouraging people to walk, bike or take public transportation to the event and caring for the outdoor space on which the festival grounds sit.

Each year Pstereo comes together through the efforts of a core group of organisers and a huge workforce of volunteers. Last year this group was over totaled 700 persons and this contributes to a feeling of community. Take a look at the video footage from last year to get a feel for Pstereo.

This festival is about show-casing what you, festival-goers, want to see…so hit us up with an email and let us know what you’re listening to and what you would love to come out for. By now Pstereo organisers and volunteers are working around the clock to make this a memorable festival experience, so spread the word!

Thanks for checking the site out, see you at Marinen - the date is August 21st - 22nd in 2020!


Each year Pstereo rolls out onto ‘the Marine’, which could easily be considered Trondheim’s most idyllic and picturesque outdoor gathering space, right next to the Nidelva River. Aside from being home to the season’s best picnic spot, Marinen is next to the ancient site of Nidaros Cathedral, dating over 1,000 years. For this reason we urge that festival-goers consider this heritage and respect the outdoor space that we are borrowing. Once you arrive on the festival grounds it is expected that you act responsibly and care for the area. This preserves the grounds and allows for us to throw the festival here again in the future.

Gaining entrance
Entrance to the site can be accessed beside the front of Nidaros Cathedral at Grenaderen. This year Pstereo will have four stages only meters apart from one another, so all passholders and ticket buyers will find it convenient to gain access here. Keep in mind that this is the only entrance and you cannot access the stages by cutting through the cemetery.

Pstereo tickets for Norwegian residents can be bought on Hoopla.

For foreign visitors, tickets can be bought at Festicket. You can also purchase bundles with accommodation.

Age requirements
Due to legal requirements Pstereo is an 18 and-over event after 15:30 when the beer tents open.

Pstereo doesn’t have its own designated campsite, but we always join forces with a hotel nearby - this hotel will be announced soon. Should the hotel be fully booked, would most people know someone who lives in Trondheim and find a place to crash. Us ”trønder” people are very hospitable and welcoming. Otherwise you can find many affordable hotel offers in the city – there are over ten different great hotels within a 10 minute walk from the festival area – or try your hand at Then again, perhaps you are bold and want to take a chance getting to know someone at the festival who has a bed?

Otherwise you can find many affordable hotel offers in the city – there are over ten different great hotels within a 10 minute walk from the festival area.

Food and drinks
Due to health and safety issues outside food or drinks will not be permitted into the festival grounds. Bottles are especially dangerous to dancing crowds so please expect that any outside food or beverage will be confiscated by security at the entrance. A variety of food and drinks will be sold inside by vendors for your consumption pleasures.

Family concert
Every year we invite people in all sizes and ages to a free family concert. This year we're so lucky to get fuzzrock-band Woodland to play for the children! This takes place on Saturday 17th between 11:00 and 13:00. You can bring your own food, but there will also be sold food and snacks at the festival area. The LO-stand will also do face painting for free! Hope to see you there!

Safety and well-being
Festivals are about community. We hope that you take care of yourself and those around you. Just a reminder that umbrellas, glass, bottles, knives, axes and other sharp or dangerous objects are not permitted on the grounds.
Be mindful of the steep drops below the cannons and remember that the river has a strong current. Guards will be monitoring those areas and are there to help. If someone asks you to step back from the edge or riverbank area, please listen – no one wishes for injuries.

N.B. Some concerts will feature strobe lights and laser.

Marinen is a beautiful public space that we are borrowing. It is crucial that we respectfully return it to its original state after the festival, we are all responsible for it. Therefore we are asking for all festival-goers’ cooperation – please clean up after yourself in the city and on the grounds during and after the festival. A number of garbage bins will be placed around the site in convenient locations, so keep an eye out. Remember that there is a deposit on beer glasses when you return them at the tents, think of it as helping keep the area clean and getting cheaper beer the next time!

Cameras and video equipment
When it comes to capturing audio and visual, each artist has their own agreement with specifications and for this reason professional audio and visual equipment including video and sound capture equipment will not be allowed. Unless you have a press pass only simple phone cameras will be permitted. Please send an email to if you are unsure if your equipment fits these restrictions

We also want to inform the audience that there will be photo/videographers at the festival site, taking pictures and filming for press, marketing etc. Drone photography may occur.

After midnight: Club
The nights continue – after the festival grounds close, the clubs open! You will find more details on events and venues in the festival app!

Be a part of Pstereo
We are always looking for contributions so if you have a good idea that you think the we’ll like, or if you have something to share…or just about anything else for that matter send us an email.

Press / Industry
Applications open spring 2020. If you have any questions, contact Head of Communication Jon at

Would you like to volunteer for this year's festival? More information will be announced spring 2020.