Welcome to Pstereo festival! Pstereo is a two-day annual music festival taking place in Norway’s third largest city, Trondheim. This city is infused with a large and active student population that contributes to making Trondheim known for music, culture and community. Pstereo festival is a token of Trondheim summer – taking place during the third weekend of August every year and bringing together 25.000. Pstereo showcases up and coming bands with a few classic headliners every year. On top of providing great live music, this festival offers a meeting ground for locals and international visitors alike with club events and a free Saturday family concert.

Recyclable memories! Pstereo believes in being a sustainable and conscientious festival and therefore tries to shop local by hiring from local companies, providing local food, recycling, encouraging people to walk, bike or take public transportation to the event and caring for the outdoor space on which the festival grounds sit.

Each year Pstereo comes together through the efforts of a core group of organisers and a huge workforce of volunteers. Last year this group was over totaled 700 persons and this contributes to a feeling of community. Take a look at the video footage from last year to get a feel for Pstereo.

This festival is about show-casing what you, festival-goers, want to see…so hit us up with an email and let us know what you’re listening to and what you would love to come out for. By now Pstereo organisers and volunteers are working around the clock to make this a memorable festival experience, so spread the word!

Thanks for checking the site out, see you at Marinen - the date is August 21st - 22nd in 2020!