Pstereo AS («The Organizer»), and the Volunteer collectively referred to as «The Parties», have today entered into the following agreement on voluntary assistance («The Agreement»):


1.1 General

The Volunteer wishes to contribute to the execution of Pstereo 2024 (The Event) and has therefore registered as a Volunteer («The Participation»).

The Parties agree that this Agreement does not constitute an employment relationship under the Working Environment Act. The Participation is short-term and temporary, based on voluntary assistance from the Volunteer. There is no employment-related quid pro quo relationship, as no compensation or consideration is provided by the Organizer to the Volunteer for The Participation. Therefore, the Agreement is not subject to the Working Environment Act or the Annual Leave Act, and the Agreement does not entail any benefits triggering tax liability for the Volunteer or employer’s national insurance contributions for the Organizer. The Agreement aims to ensure satisfactory conditions for the performance of The Participation for the Volunteer, and a smooth execution of The Event for the Organizer.

1.2 Time and Place

The Volunteer will perform tasks related to Pstereo 2024 in connection with The Event during the period from June to August 2024. The tasks will mainly be performed at the Organizer’s address, Marinen in Trondheim. The times at which the Volunteer will perform their tasks will be agreed upon with the Organizer’s contact person and the person responsible for the Volunteer. The Volunteer’s time and place of attendance will be stated in the current duty roster. The Parties agree that the Working Environment Act’s chapter on working hours does not apply to this agreement relationship, cf. section 1.

1.3 Tasks

The Volunteer’s tasks and areas of responsibility will be sent by email after the application has been received.

The Volunteer is to keep the equipment they use in order and clean up after themselves during and at the end of the relevant shift, as well as return equipment belonging to the Organizer without undue delay. The Volunteer is not allowed to retain equipment after The Participation has ended.


The Organizer will take out a general accident insurance policy that will cover the Volunteer, unless they are covered by school, municipality, or another insurance scheme.


The Volunteer must report absence due to illness to their contact person.


If the Volunteer performs tasks such as photography or other creative work, resulting in material and intellectual property rights, such material and rights shall belong to the Organizer, to the extent permitted by Norwegian law.


The Volunteer is obliged, both during the period of the agreement and after its termination, to maintain complete confidentiality towards third parties regarding confidential information or internal matters they become aware of in connection with their agreement relationship with the Organizer. The Volunteer shall refer all media inquiries regarding projects they participate in to the Organizer.


Pstereo has zero tolerance for all forms of harassment and abuse of power. Such behavior shall be considered a significant breach of this contract, and may lead to the termination of the contract.

If you experience such behavior, or wish to report on behalf of others, you are free to choose which of the following instances to contact:

Volunteer Manager: Hannah Mackessy,, 986 59 306

CEO: Eirik Brevik,, 928 50 589

Festival Manager: Bård Flikke,, 926 81 889

All incidents are taken seriously and investigated with a promise of confidentiality.


The Organizer’s internal and external information systems (such as email, databases, and other computer-based systems for internet and intranet) belong to the Organizer. If the Volunteer uses the Organizer’s information systems in connection with their work for the Organizer, these systems shall not be used for private purposes.

The Volunteer’s personal data is handled in accordance with the Personal Data Act.


If you pick up your festival pass but do not work the agreed hours or there are other breaches of the agreement and you cannot present a doctor’s certificate, you will be invoiced the amount of a festival pass in addition to a due amount of 650,- for the administration fee.


The Agreement and The Participation automatically expire at the end of the agreement period in section 1.2 of this Agreement. The Agreement may also be terminated by either Party before the agreed expiration date, with a notice period of 1 month from the date the notice was received by the other party. Upon termination of The Participation, the Volunteer shall, if requested by the Organizer, sign a declaration of not being in possession of, or having handed over to unauthorized persons, any of, or copies of, the Organizer’s documents, data files, etc. The Volunteer does not have the right to retain such properties, documents, etc., as security for any claims they may assert against the Organizer.

Trondheim, February 29, 2024, For Pstereo

Hannah Thronæs Mackessy, Volunteer Manager