As a volunteer, you get the opportunity to be one of the people who work to create a festival, and you can work with a variety of different things. At Pstereo, you will be part of almost 500 volunteers who together create Pstereo.

We offer a wide range of jobs, ranging from welcoming guests, helping to keep the festival area clean and tidy, serving food to other volunteers, working at the bar, to heavier work such as helping to set up and build the festival area. For your work, you will receive a festival pass!

Pstereo provides a work certificate upon request to all who have volunteered. Free food and drinks will be served while you work. We work to include everyone and facilitate that all who wish to contribute get the information they need to volunteer at Pstereo.

The age limit for volunteering at Pstereo is 18 years.

We are excited for Pstereo 2023 and need you on the team!

Sales, tapping and serving of beer, wine, and soft drinks. This is a fast-paced job, so you must enjoy delivering smiles and drinks at a rapid pace!

As a host (verstkap), you are the face of Pstereo and it is important that you meet the audience with a smile, you help to create safety and comfort for everyone at the festival. Being a host may involve being a roaming guard around the area or standing at the entrance/exit both before and during the festival.

OPPRIGG involves setting up and building all festival equipment before the festival weekend. This includes everything from stages, tents, tables, fences, and lights. You should have some practical sense and a desire to work, and have a good sense of humor even if there are some heavy lifts in either rain or sunshine. You work two days before the festival and then have the entire festival weekend off to enjoy all the concerts!

At nedrigg you help to dismantle everything on the festival site on Sunday and Monday after the festival. You work one day of nedrigg + one daytime shift either before, during, or after the festival.

The sunshine patrol ensures that all volunteers have a great time at work! Your responsibility is to spread good humor wherever you go, make sure everyone gets enough refills in the form of coffee, water, waffles, chocolate, and food, you are simply the festival’s sunshine.

Stagehands help with scene changes on the stage. Experience with stage/sound and music equipment is prioritized.

Are you interested in the environment and renovation? Then this category is perfect for you! You can help pick and sort waste at Pstereo. We sort everything! And in addition, you can attend many awesome concerts while keeping the area clean.

Foto: Marion Aaserud Dahlen